Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is made from oak trees. Cork flooring is actually made from the remnants that come from the production of the corks that are put in bottles, making cork flooring an even better choice for the environment. It is constructed from the same cork that is used in bottling wine!

The cork from oak trees comes from a process where the bark of the tree is trimmed. The tree is not actually cut down. This makes it an environmentally flooring material. The bark of the trees grows back and cork may be harvested from the tree again and again. It is not uncommon for a tree to produce cork for hundreds of years when done properly.

Cork Flooring

The Cork Oak grows mainly in the Mediterranean basin with the largest exporter of cork being the country of Portugal. Cork has been used for many years by ancient Egyptians for bottle stoppers, used in conjunction with fishing nets, and many other things. Its unique characteristics have always been recognized as valuable as a waterproof and very buoyant type of wood.

Cork wood has a unique honeycomb structure that makes up the internal structure of its molecules. This gives cork it buoyancy and makes it extremely light weight. It is roughly 75% air molecules with 25% wood. Perhaps you have never seen cork flooring. However, most of us drink wine or know someone who does. Notice how malleable and light a cork from a wine bottle is next time you have the opportunity. You can really get the cork to change shape by pressing it between your fingers.

Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork flooring has many great advantages because of these characteristics. Cork flooring is quiet. Because cork is so impressionable and has a lot of bend to the wood, it accepts footsteps with little or no sound. Corks ability to muff sounds is one great reason to install cork flooring. Cork is great in music rooms, kitchens, game rooms, and any other room that may be extremely noisy. Cork will absorb some of that sound.

The suppleness and softness of cork will provide a cushy platform to walk on which will be sure to be appreciated over time. Homes and businesses that install cork flooring notice the difference in the way the people who dwell there feel after walking on the flooring for long periods of time. Naturally, softer flooring material will cause less physical strain. That is a serious thing to consider if the people walking on the flooring will be standing for any length of time.

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