Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Installing cherry hardwood flooring is a great choice. Cherry has a beautiful reddish hue to it that sets it apart from many of its cousin, oak, pine, and the others. Cherry does vary in color from light to reddish. Over time, cherry floors tend to darken in the natural aging process. This is generally considered a beautiful process and adds a great character the wood over time.

Whereas oak and pine is lighter colored and stay the same color, cherry can vary in color and does change color over time. Pockets of gum make cherry flooring even more unique. They give the flooring character and enhance the overall look of the wood.

Cherry wood flooring has distinctive grain patterns in it that make it stand apart as a flooring material. Like we said earlier, the color tint can vary slightly. A nice stain has the ability to unify the colors bring the entire floor into harmony. It will take years for the cherry wood flooring you installed to be at its top form. It is enjoyable to watch that change in your own piece of property as it happens.

What does cherry hardwood flooring cost?

Cherry hardwood flooring can be purchased in the USA for around $5 per square foot. Prices vary from manufacturer and quality levels. Also, foreign species of cherry flooring tend will naturally be more expensive than domestic cherry flooring because of the expense of shipping the material. Two of the most popular types of cherry hardwood flooring are Brazilian cherry flooring and American cherry flooring.

Let’s look at some of the difference between Brazilian cherry flooring and American Cherry flooring.

Brazilian cherry vs. American cherry Hardwood Flooring

The major difference between Brazilian cherry Flooring and American Cherry Flooring is the hardness. American cherry is much a softer wood than Brazilian cherry by a substantial amount. American cherry wood has a hardness rating of 950. Brazilian cherry has a hardness rating of 2820. This is quite a gap.

Does this mean that American cherry will not stand up as well as Brazilian cherry? Yes and no. Yes in theory but no when it comes to practicality.

Brazilian cherry is the more durable flooring choice. However, do not be swayed greatly by the hardness ratings of varying woods to the point where it is the deciding factor in your purchasing decision. It should certainly not be the largest factor in your purchasing decision.

The biggest way to ensure a hardwood floor stays beautiful is to pay attention to the steps you need to take for necessary floor care maintenance. This will almost always be the deicing factor in having lasting hardwood flooring, besides brand and quality of flooring purchased. There can’t be enough said for keeping a clean hardwood floor and keeping moisture off of the floor. Make sure to have clean floors, carpets in high traffic areas, and where moisture can collect. Much like human health, the best way to have good health for your flooring is prevention of damage.

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