Wide Plank Flooring

Plank flooring is the term that is used for a type of flooring that that is greater than 3” wide. It can be anywhere from 3” to 15” in width. Most people think of old country homes when they think of plank flooring. Plank flooring was common in older country homes before machines made cutting wood into smaller pieces a fast process. If you see plank flooring in new construction then it was probably installed to achieve a rustic look.

Most plank flooring refers to wood. However, there is an extensive choice of laminate plank flooring and vinyl plank flooring on the market. Wood plank flooring is typically ¾” thick but may vary with different manufacturers and varying levels of quality. In most cases, thicker wood is better; sturdier and it can be sanded and refinished more times over its life.

Installing plank flooring is not much different than it was hundreds of years ago. The only difference is that today most people do lay down a sound dampening layer before installing new wide plank floors. Just because you are trying to achieve the look of wide plank floors does not mean you want to achieve the sound of wide plank floors. It’s the aesthetics that you are trying to achieve. You may want to look into a good sound dampening and support layer to put underneath. Once you have a noisy creaking floor it is difficult to reverse.

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