Pine Wood Flooring

Pine is considered one of the softer types of hardwood floors. Pine is typically a light colored wood. These are the two of the defining characteristics of pine flooring. Its soft characteristics can eliminate some types of pine from being used as common materials used for wood floors. However, there are few styles that we discuss below that pass the test of durability and are very often installed in homes across the USA.

White Pine

White pine is mostly grown and harvested from states in the east and northeast. It is also grown across the northern parts of the USA and California. White pine floors have a white or light color to them that gives white pine its name. It is a very uniform wood, with a predictable grain. The grain is smooth rather than raised. Running your hand down a smooth piece of white pine flooring will have you remarking at its smoothness. White pine is also soft when compared to other woods on the hardness scale.

White pine is a good flooring to match with darker stains and finishes. Because of its light shade it looks good complemented with medium to dark stains and finishes. Pine floors look great with a natural polyurethane finish as well.

Red Pine

Red Pine Flooring is a darker, richer option in place of its cousin, the white pine. It grows mostly in the northeastern United States and most of Canada. This is a darker alternative to white pine that is coarser with more distinctive knotting. Red pine flooring will add a more robust look to any room.

Southern Pine or Yellow Pine

Yellow pine is also known as Southern Pine flooring. Southern pine is telling of this woods’ origin. It is harvested mostly from the southern states of the USA and other warm climates. Yellow pine has a coarser grain than that of white pine due to the way it is cut in the factory. Southern Pine floors are rift-sawed or quartered. This produces the edge-grain that we typically see used in floor manufacturing. This process produces a strong type of wood that will be better at resisting abrasion and withstanding foot traffic.

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