Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple hardwood is the token hardwood flooring material. It is naturally of the harder flooring woods and looks beautiful with a clear polyurethane finish. The clear finish of polyurethane complements this light wood beautifully. Many types of maple of have a very light, almost white wood. Sometimes maple is bleached to give it an added whiteness.

Maple is a very hard type of wood measuring in the middle of the hardness scale. It stands up well to every application you could imagine. Maple makes a great flooring material for homes, businesses, schools, and office buildings. Maple earned its popularity by being one the most versatile types of hardwood flooring you can buy.

Maple hardwood has a uniform pattern which adds to its attractiveness as a flooring material choice. Its color and patterns are continuous from board to board. This makes installing maple flooring perfect for gymnasiums and homes alike. It’s tough to go wrong with maple because of its fine qualities of uniform pattern, hardness, and its ability to take finish and come out looking great. There are not many other types of flooring that rival maple in all these areas.

The United States Forestry service believes that the price of maple will be as expensive as rare types of hardwood floors in the future. It is a slow growing wood and supplies in the forest can keep up with the demand. They believe the wood will become rare in a few decades. If you want to install maple hardwood flooring it could raise in value over the next thirty years or so, making it a wise flooring investment.

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