Do It Yourself Flooring – Hardwood Flooring

How to install

The process of installing hardwood floors can seem a difficult task for even professional installers. We recommend you do it yourself if you have had experience or if you are a handy person. If you do decide to take the risk and job on of installing the hardwood yourself follow the steps below.

Covering: You will need to ensure that the sub-floor is covered with asphalt felt weighing 15 pounds as well as all overlapping seams for around 3 inches or so.

Edge indication: In order to indicate the edges correctly, you need to use chalk to draw a line half an inch away from the starting wall parallel to centerline. This gap allows for extra expansion when installing hardwood floors.

First row: It is best to select widest or largest planks for the very first row when installing hardwood floors. Make sure to drill out pilot holes for around one and a half inches and finally use a nail to keep the nails under the surface.

Blind nailing: You will then need to blind nail the remaining two rows with your hands. Drill out pilot holes at around 45 or 50 degree angles right through the tongues. Fasten off with finishing nails.

Nail gun: Once you start installing hardwood floors over large areas, make sure to use nail gun after the first three rows have been installed. Put this on the tongue of the board and use a rubber mallet to drive the nails into every joist.

Final row: Once you have arrived at the last row, use pry bar and block to wedge the final boards into tight positions. Face nail the boards and drill out the holes to find the joists.